The Jews

To wrap up 2022:

  • The Jews control the banks.
  • The Jews control the media and Hollywood.
  • The Jews killed Jesus.
  • The Jews killed Muhammad.
  • The Jews killed the Kennedys.
  • The Jews have space lasers.
  • The Jews invented the Holocaust.
  • The Jews make matzah from Christian babies’ blood.
  • The Jews are lizard people.
  • The Jews are actually Khazars that converted to Judaism.
  • The Jews are impostors.
  • The Jews are the real Nazis.
  • The Jews are trying to silence Kanye West for speaking the truth.
  • The Jews bring anti-Semitic violence upon themselves.
  • The Jews created COVID-19 to make money selling a fake vaccine.
  • The Jews never lived in ancient Jerusalem or Israel.
  • The Jews are illegally occupying modern Jerusalem and Israel.
  • The Jews are engaging in Apartheid in Israel.

If you believe any of the above, you’re anti-Semite.

Happy 2023!

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