Dr. Rabbi Google, Esq., Ph.D.

One of the more unfortunate consequences of the internet is that it has diminished – if not irreparably broken – any respect for expertise or authority in modern society. Doctors, lawyers, rabbis, scientists, etc. have all been replaced by Dr. Rabbi Google, Esq., Ph.D. I once observed someone arguing with two Ph.D. level scientists about climate change. All too often, people ask my legal opinion and then challenge it based on their own “research.” While the internet can be helpful at times (e.g. “Siri – how long do I cook a chicken?”), one has to be careful because anyone can post pretty much anything online without any basis in reality. The internet is just a tool, just like a knife. In the hands of a skilled surgeon, a knife can be used to heal and save lives. But in the hands of a criminal, it can cause injury and death. Please Google responsibly in 2023.

One response to “Dr. Rabbi Google, Esq., Ph.D.”

  1. […] equality means everyone is qualified to opine about anything. (I’ve ranted about this before: https://cornertable.blog/2022/12/30/dr-rabbi-google-esq-ph-d/) I’ve experienced this professionally, when people with no legal education or training have […]


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